Pikachu, that loveable yellow Pokémon GO character, has teamed up with the phone company with the yellow logo, Sprint. This partnership will produce PokéStops and gyms at Sprint locations. There you will find special surprises as well. I am told that this Friday more details will be available to the public. This may also include Boost Mobile locations.

For now, you can see Pikachu in a red Santa hat on your phone but he is not at the PokéStop.

It will be interesting to follow this new development in mobile game marketing. so check back when we get more updates.

Anatomy of a Website: Domain Names-Part Two

Domain Registrars and Resellers: How do you get a domain?

Domain registrars  are direct sellers of domain names.They can sell to you or to another company, a reseller, who can sell to you..

Domain name pricing can range from free with hosting service to thousands of dollars.

A typical domain name usually runs about $15. Many hosting services will offer a free domain name with your hosting account. Some companies have promotions or clubs you can join to reduce your cost on purchasing a domain name.

WHOIS Privacy can run about the same amount. This keeps your name and email address away from spammers who can easily check records to see who owns a domain name. It is not necessary for a website.

Examples of Registrars:

Network Solutions

Examples of Resellers:

Host Gator
Host Monster

There are two very important things to remember when you purchase your domain name.

  1. Always own your domain name

Warning: There are disreputable companies that say they will buy your domain name for you but they will be the owner. Make sure to have this in writing and check your invoices to verify this with the domain registar or reseller.

2. Always set to auto-renew.

Life happens. It can get busy. Your computer, email or Internet can go down. Make sure your domain name is set to auto renew so that you don’t miss the renewal date. If you secure the auto-renew service with a credit card, make sure to add your domain registar or reseller to your list of vendors so that you can easily contact them to add the new credit card and remember to do so.

Anatomy of a Website: Domain Names

There are four parts to a website:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each of these parts is important and should work in harmony with the other parts.

  1. Domain Name: A domain name is an easy-to-remember address

A domain name is the locational information that appears in the URL* (Uniform Resource Locator), such as “littlemountainwebdesign.com” for “http://www.littlemountainwebdesign.com”.

This tells others where to find your website and the exact address location of your directory or file.

TLDs are Top Level Domains

These are domain names with endings such as the following:

Many new TLDs have been released. Some of these can do quite well against the established and coveted “.com”. Development and time will tell how well the new TLDs will compare against the old established ones.

Domain name ideas can come from many places:
Company or organization name
Function of company or business
Type of product or service

Some people prefer to name their company after securing a domain name with the same name. Others prefer to name the company first. Little Mountain Web Design recommends the former as it is always important to own and control the domain name for your company or organization.

If you ned help deciding on a name or purchasing a domain name, we’d be happy to help. Call us at 402.932.7243 or vist our website at Little Mountain Web Design to learn more about our online marketing services. These include web design, search engine optimization, Internet advertising, social media and press releases.


Happy New Year Around the World!

Little Mountain Web Design enjoys meeting and greeting people from all over the world and connecting online.

Here is how to say “Happy New Year” in  several different languages:

Melkam Addis Amet Yihuneliwo!     (Amharic)
Kul ‘am Wa Antum Bikhair     (Arabic)
Sun Nin Faai Lock     (Cantonese)
Felican Novan Jaron     (Esperanto -Conlang)
Bonne Annee     (French)
Kali Chronia     (Greek)
Shannah Tovah     (Hebrew)
Felice Anno Nuovo     (Italian)
Xin Nian Kuai Le     (Mandarin)
La Multsi Ani      (Romanian for Many Years)
Prospero Año Nuevo      (Spanish for Prosperous New Year)
Ruhus Hadush Amet     (Tigrigna)
Chuch Mung Nam Moi      (Vietnamese)

Please feel free to post a comment and to  add more languages.