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Twitter App Reviews: Tweepsmap

Here is another tool for Twitter that helps provide information about your followers.

Tweepsmap is an app that can tells you where your Twitter followers (tweeps) are located. The information can be displayed by country, state or city, in map, list or chart form.

The pros are:

  • It is fun to see a map of your followers.
  • It will not access your direct messages.
  • It will not see your Twitter password.
  • The information can help you with your marketing and advertising campaigns.

The cons are:

  • It will follow new people.
  • It will update your profile.
  • It will post tweets for you.

These are listed as cons since it is better in general to keep control of choosing who to follow, updating your own profile and tweets.

You can learn more and download it from

Twitter App Reviews: Friend or Follow

There are so many things one can add to Twitter and other social media to make its use more effective and enjoyable.

Here is the first of the fun and useful tools that we like for Twitter that help provide information about your followers:

Friend or Follow

Description: Friend or Follow is a Twitter app that allows you to easily view those who are not following your account back on Twitter. This is a great tool to use, especially since Twitter has initiated following limits to make sure you are engaging the right audience and enhance connectivity in both directions. Simply go to the Friend or Follow website, enter the name of your Twitter account and get results on who does not follow you back.

How It Works:

1. You type in the name of the account you wish to review and click “submit”. An image of the accounts not believed to be following back is displayed in a grid formation of a maximum of 13 per row and 20 per column, adjusted for how many are not following you, with a maximum of 260 per each page.

2. Choose an image and hover your mouse over it. Information will be displayed about that account including account name, following and follower count, bio and location.

3. You can click on that to visit the account not following you, or you can click the combined plus and person icon to grant permission for Friend or Follow to grant access. If you choose to grant access then this message is displayed, “Connect Friend Or Follow with your @YOUR TWITTERACCOUNT account to interact with your followers and share content through your timeline,” before beginning that process.

4. You can sign up for “Gold” membership, which is currently $9.99/month. This grants special services such as generating these lists in CSV format and different ways of looking at lists.

Strengths: You can use this for free. You do not have to authorize Friend or Follow to use your account. You can make all the decisions of who you wish to keep following or who you wish to no longer follow. You can also pay and sign up for more benefits.

Weaknesses: We’ve noticed some errors on who has followed or not with the free and no access version. With the free no access version, only the images are displayed. There is no text list for accounts that do not follow back with the free no access version.

Recommendations: Bookmark this great tool. As always, check before deleting anyone to be sure they are not following you if you wish to delete those who do not follow back.

Where to Get:

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