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Priceless Star Wars Advertising: Snowbot BB-8

Nothing better than free priceless advertising like this for the new Star Wars robot, BB-8.


I call this “snowbot”.

The name for the process when a fan (AKA brand advocate) does something like this is called “crowd sourcing”. This is important as it reaches more people than just the company posting or creating these things. The fans take it upon themselves to share and spread the news. This is usually defined with social media but is not limited to fun things like this.

Vacation Safety Tips

August is a month when many people go on vacation.

Here are some vacation safety tips:

Contact the Post Office to place a hold on your mail.  This can be done online at

Many police departments have a service where you can let them know that you will be gone and they will send a patrol out to drive by your house while you are gone.

Criminals often watch houses and look for changes in patterns, including lights. You can get timers and set your different room lights to the times they are usually on.

Some people like to leave a radio on. You can connect your radio to a timer as well.

Pet Sitters
If you have pets, make sure you have a trusted pet sitter tend your pets while you are gone, if you are not boarding them. If you hire one, you can check to see if they are bonded and get references.

Make sure that  your thermostat is set above freezing to keep your house and pipes warm. Freezing pipes are costly and destructive.

Social Media
Don’t announce on social media that you are leaving for a picture or post pictures during your vacation. Criminals are looking for this information.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This year the theme is “Expect. Employ. Empower.” The goal is to bring awareness to issues that keep people with disabilities from working. This includes barrier removal. Many people with disabilities want to work but there are different physical and attitudinal barriers in their way.

Learn more at

Do… Mix Business and Pleasure

The old saying, “Don’t mix business with pleasure” has certainly changed in 2014. When starting or joining a business, many are choosing a business that is their pleasure. The buzzword “passion” is constantly being used, whether it is on cooking shows on TV or the business news. Many people are trying to turn their passion into a business and looking for ways to do what they love.

This is at the heart of the entrepreneur as well. Besides having a good idea, funding and other resources, the desire to work hard doing what you love is central to being a successful entrepreneur.