Happy New Year Around the World!

Little Mountain Web Design enjoys meeting and greeting people from all over the world and connecting online.

Here is how to say “Happy New Year” in  several different languages:

Melkam Addis Amet Yihuneliwo!     (Amharic)
Kul ‘am Wa Antum Bikhair     (Arabic)
Sun Nin Faai Lock     (Cantonese)
Felican Novan Jaron     (Esperanto -Conlang)
Bonne Annee     (French)
Kali Chronia     (Greek)
Shannah Tovah     (Hebrew)
Felice Anno Nuovo     (Italian)
Xin Nian Kuai Le     (Mandarin)
La Multsi Ani      (Romanian for Many Years)
Prospero Año Nuevo      (Spanish for Prosperous New Year)
Ruhus Hadush Amet     (Tigrigna)
Chuch Mung Nam Moi      (Vietnamese)

Please feel free to post a comment and to  add more languages.

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